Student Proofreading

A confidential, fast and flexible proofreading service for UK and international students, covering undergraduate essays, postgraduate dissertations and PhD theses. Further discounts are available for lengthy work.

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Proofreading for Writers

Expert proofreading service for writers looking to get published, whether it be a work of fiction, poetry or simply a blog. It's not just about checking for typos though, a critical reflection is also offered at no extra cost.

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Company Proofreading

A full proofreading service enables companies to convey a professional image at all times. Copywriting of creative search engine-friendly web content and printed company material also available.

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Time to admit defeat…

I know, I know, I KNNOOWW I need to blog more often for any number of reasons, not least because it keeps Mr Google happy, however the truth is I am simply too busy. That’s not me boasting or anything, it’s simply a fact. I spend so much time writing blogs for other people that […]

Lead, by example

When proofreading, one mistake occurs more than any other: ‘Lead’ used instead of ‘Led’. For example, it appears that the majority of the English-speaking world would write ‘He lead me up the garden path…’ when it should in fact be ‘He led me up the garden path…’ Here’s proof (thanks to verb (past and past participle led /lɛd/) […]