About Proofreading

About Proofreading


Chris provides a professional and rapid proofreading service which has helped me to pass all my assignments so far. He is the first and only proofreader I will ever use.

Elsie Chang, postgraduate languages student

Want to know more about proofreading? Well, it involves re-reading text to ensure its accuracy in terms of spelling, grammar, consistency, formatting etc. It can be done by the author of the text however it is better practice to ask a fresh pair of eyes to do it as there is more chance of errors being uncovered. That’s where a professional proofreader comes in.

I specialise in proofreading work for Students, Businesses and Writers and know all there is to know about proofreading. The process involves:

  1. Contacting me with information about your project
  2. I then provide you with a price and how long it will take
  3. If you’re happy, you email me your work
  4. I proofread your work, ensuring that it is free from spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as typographical errors and inconsistencies. These are marked up using Word’s Track Changes
  5. Once payment is complete I return two documents: a pdf which highlights all the amendments and a finished Word document

Some of my clients prefer to post out a hard copy for me to write on and return – which is absolutely fine – just remember to factor in postage charges.

This all adds up to premium proofing and editing assistance without the inflated costs of larger organisations.