Student Proofreading

Student Proofreading


I was very happy with Chris’s student proofreading service: very quick, friendly and helpful. Great attention to detail and the best price I was able to find.

Marina Gordon, postgraduate economics student

Are you in need of student proofreading? Do you need your work reading quickly and at a discounted price? Then you’ve come to the right place…

I’m an academic and university employee who provides a fast, flexible and confidential student proofreading service, whether you’re a UK undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD student – or an international student who needs help with your English spelling and grammar.

Depending on how quickly your work is required, student proofreading prices range from £9.00 to £12.00 per 1000 words.

If you would like to submit work with vastly improved spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, formatting and referencing, contact me for a free, quick, confidential quote. You may choose not to go ahead – that’s fine, but there’s no harm in finding out more!

Please note: I can offer advice on original work only. I DO NOT support plagiarism and I WILL NOT write your work for you – I merely proofread and offer honest advice.