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A very brief guide to apostrophes

Ah, the apostrophe. It always amazes me how one of the tiniest and most innocent looking forms of punctuation can strike fear in everyone who writes in the English language. Though it does randomly get inserted and suspiciously omitted from many passages of text, it’s the age-old conundrum of which side of the ‘s’ to […]

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Beware of the blog

You may find it a little cheeky, what with this being only my second ever blog, however I’m going to offer some advice to the blogging community. Now, I appreciate that blogs are a brilliant and quick way to get your opinions out to a massive audience, however with this power comes the burden of […]

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An introduction to proofreading

You could call me fussy. You could even refer to me as an obsessive compulsive. But I have an annoying habit of spotting mistakes in text. Only five minutes ago I was given a professionally printed wall planner to put up in the office. I’d say within about three seconds of opening it up I […]

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