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How to stop being consistently inconsistent

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to pick up on when re-reading and editing text is inconsistency. When I’m proofreading work I often find myself stopping halfway through a document, having read, say, ‘co-ordination’, and an alarm bell will ring which suggests that it was spelt ‘coordination’ earlier on page nine. This is a […]

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Beware of the blog

You may find it a little cheeky, what with this being only my second ever blog, however I’m going to offer some advice to the blogging community. Now, I appreciate that blogs are a brilliant and quick way to get your opinions out to a massive audience, however with this power comes the burden of […]

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An introduction to proofreading

You could call me fussy. You could even refer to me as an obsessive compulsive. But I have an annoying habit of spotting mistakes in text. Only five minutes ago I was given a professionally printed wall planner to put up in the office. I’d say within about three seconds of opening it up I […]

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