Help with Track Changes

I’m considering re-recording David Bowie’s track ‘Changes’, to be adjusted as follows:

Track ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Turn the damn thing off…

Or maybe I’ll just devote half an hour or so to writing this blog. Yes, a much better idea.

So, the Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word. Used by proofreaders and editors all over the world as it’s an easy way to show clients what has been highlighted and just what has been done for their money. It justifies our existence in a way.

When I email amended work on I often do so with some trepidation, however. Why? Because I know that for every person who can cope with Track Changes there is another who thinks they’ve switched it off but, ‘No! It’s back!’

For this reason, I send a PDF document with all the amends highlighted, plus a Word document with the Track Changes turned OFF, along with the caveat that ‘I can send on other versions if you need me to’.

Track Changes can be a bit quirky, admittedly. For example, strangely, if you want to copy and paste text complete with its revisions onto another document it all disappears. That is, unless you switch Track Changes OFF before doing so and then it works. I have no idea why, but good to know.

So, if for whatever reason you receive a document which still has Track Changes ON, here’s what you do:

Help with Track Changes

Firstly, under Review in your horizontal menu, click the Track Changes button so it’s no longer highlighted. That way, nothing you do from here on in will have any annoying red marks around it.

Help with Track Changes

Secondly, if multiple comments have been made by the editor, click on Delete and Delete All Comments in Document. Alternatively, if only the odd comment has been made you can right-click on it and Delete Comment.

Help with Track Changes

Finally, click Accept and then Accept all Changes in Document.

Done! That was easy wasn’t it? There are all sorts of other little functions within Track Changes, but that’s it, for now.

Chris G


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